Molecular Medicine’s clients want to increase their chances of having a cGMP product released for use in clinical trials. Having manufactured more than 200 clinical lots for viral therapeutics and vaccines, MMB is uniquely qualified to help clients maneuver past the roadblocks inherent in almost every path. MMB can develop assays, determine product stability, provide Quality Assurance and Regulatory guidance, tech transfer projects both in and out of the company, securely store product under cGMP, and ship infectious product according to IATA guidelines.


  • In process testing
  • Extensive Micro Quality Control
  • QC Chemical Assays
  • GMP Storage & Shipping


MMB offers storage of cell banks on liquid nitrogen and frozen viral products. In order to protect the product, each freezer has emergency power. MORE ...


MMB can transfer in or develop and validate assays to characterize intermediates, contaminants, and final product identity. MORE ...